Sunday, May 17, 2009

Artwork Fall 2006

agnesmartinpiece agnesmartininspiredpiece agnesdetail agnesdetail3 agnesdetail2

With a Nod to Agnes, 21" x 10" x 5", mylar, thread, © 2006

One of the artists whose work I referenced throughout graduate school (and beyond!) is Agnes Martin. I have a great deal of admiration for her work and her outlook on life. She found her place in life, her physical place that defined her most celebrated artwork and a passion for wanting the viewer to slow down and view the work as it was meant to be seen. Her artwork compels you to stop and let it wash over you, to be still, to envelop the calm.

blackwall IMG_0301

dresspattern1 dressonwall_detail

Dress pattern?, various sizes, mylar, Pitt pen, thread, patterned paper, full and detail, © 2006

In my second year of graduate school, I was exploring the concept of perception. I did a lot of artwork using transparent mylar and thread. My concept was that dress size is just a perception and by altering the pattern pieces, our perception is skewed and it becomes artwork unto itself.