Monday, April 5, 2010

New work 4-5-2010

I've been working larger as I have a very specific vision of how this work will hang and interact. At issue has been trying to get it photographed. I would classify this artwork as relief due to the intense stitching which distorts the felt and introduces interesting shadow lines. Unfortunately that very thing causes havoc with trying to light it for a good photograph.
This particular photograph turned out pretty well. In the details you can see some of the overlapping stitching which gives it dimension and interest. In the overall, you can tell where the artwork is bending because it isn't lit as well. My solution to this problem and part of my overall vision is to increase the relief and dimension on the surface so it practically screams to be noticed.
This artwork is 72" x 18" and is thread on industrial felt.




Jeanne Raffer Beck said...

What a difference with this photographer, I can really see the details in this piece. Fantastic work.

Terry Jarrard-Dimond said...

Beautiful work Rebecca. I have one piece which has a area pieced with shades of white and cream against a dark area and I've never been able to photography it properly. This photo is starting to work.