Thursday, May 13, 2010

New large work 5-2010

I've been working with industrial felt for four years now. I'm still in love with the material and am obsessed with working white on white. All of my stitching is done free motion – I do this so I can change the way the stitch looks for each artwork depending upon my intent. This is a second large, 72" x 18", artwork, illustrating the composing properties of the human spine.

As an artist who works with a very tactile material, I’m drawn to the physical properties of my chosen substrate. I am attracted to options such as creating form and rendering the material rigid by carving and incising a line using a sewing machine. Once this line is rendered, the mark is permanent. I see a relationship between the physicality of these marks and manipulations and the human spine. Comprised of bone, fibrous cartilage, nerves and ligaments, we are able to stand upright yet bend and contort. I ask myself if this enough of a reason to explore the manipulation of this material? I’m like the ultimate explorer – I sit down and listen to the artwork; render, discard, re-use, accept and finally move forward. To that end, I’m a specialist in regards to the handling of the material and an explorer moving toward the outcome of the relationship.
 MassII_detail2_webMass II (and details); industrial felt, thread; 72" x 18"; 2010

© Rebecca Howdeshell 2010