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Artworks online via Artspace 111 Gallery

TX Now Artist Showcase

In the spring of 2020, I entered the annual Texas Juried Exhibition at Artspace 111 in Ft. Worth, Texas. Artspace 111 is celebrating their 40 year anniversary. It is a very respected gallery and even though my artwork wasn’t accepted into the juried exhibition, I was happy to support the gallery. Part of the entry fees collected went to the Tarrant Area Food Bank. They raised $3000 which translated into 15,000 meals to help feed hungry children, families, and seniors in North Texas.

As an added benefit to all entrants of the 2020 Texas JuriedExhibition, Artspace 111 included all work in a virtual gallery showcasing your artwork. They called it Texas Now, 2020 Texas Artist Showcase and it was online for over a month in July and August, 2020. As an artist, one could opt out if the work wasn’t available, but I chose to participate and was very grateful to the gallery for this opportunity to feature the five artworks I had entered into the competition.

Eerie Stillness

I was thrilled that a local collector purchased Eerie Stillness, shown left. It is an 11x14” artwork framed to 16 x 20” on mixed-media paper. The artwork is pen, ink, acrylic, and collage on paper. The other artworks featured were Legitimate Emergency Laundry, Angle for the Moment, Feet Parallel, and Shaking Your Tambourine. I you are interested in any of these artworks, please use the Contact Me page to send a message.

A huge thank you to Artspace 111!
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