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Displaying Artwork at Haggard Library, Plano, Texas

Haggard Library, Plano, TX

During the month of November and December, 2020, I am displaying 16 artworks at the Haggard Library in Plano, Texas. The city of Plano offers an Art in the Library program and the Haggard Library has several exhibit spaces available. My artwork will be on display on a curved wall on the second floor of the library.

If you would like to showcase your art, you can contact the library and ask about getting on the schedule. Iā€™m very grateful to the Art in the Library program for the opportunity!

Dimpled Steel Ramp, 2019, 14x11ā€ on paper, framed to 16x20ā€. Ink, pen, acrylic, and collage on paper.


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