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Exhibiting with Envision Arts, Frisco, TX

In August, 2019, I took two artworks to be exhibited in the Frisco Art Gallery in the Discovery Center in Frisco, Texas. It was the first time I had seen the space and the new Discovery Center. The center includes a theater and children’s events, as well as the art gallery. It is a wonderful space with a lot of room to interact with guests and artists.

The exhibition, Conduit, was displayed in the gallery July 30th - September 7th, 2019. I was fortunate to have two artworks selected for the exhibition, Gold Rush and Flight of Fancy. (right: Flight of Fancy, 11x14” mixed-media on paper)

Ginger Cochran is the founder of Envision Arts and hosts online and in person art exhibits several times a year. She has also created a magazine featuring artists.

During the opening of the exhibition, three awards were given for Best in Show and Honorable Mention. I was fortunate to be recognized as an Honorable Mention recipient. (myself with Ginger Cochran, pictured right, receiving my award during the opening reception for Conduit).

It was wonderful to meet Ginger and the other artists at the reception. Ginger has done a wonderful job securing venues both in-person and online, in which to show artwork in the DFW area. I highly recommend subscribing to her mailing list and following Envision Arts on Instagram at @envisionartshow.

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