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Solo show at Tarrant County College NW

I was honored to be invited to show my work at Tarrant County College NW in Ft. Worth, Texas in January and February 2020. The gallery space was absolutely wonderful, a huge space with room to display a lot of work. I showed about 40 artworks and was very pleased with the layout and the display.

I was also able to do a talk with students at the college. If I can, I always enjoy being able to talk with students, they asked great questions, had amazing interpretations of the work, and gave me a lot to think about with their comments.

I’d like to thank Trish Igo, a friend from graduate school and a fellow adjunct professor at the University of North Texas for many years, for the invitation and the opportunity to show my artwork. Organic Geometry was a success and I’m so grateful to be able to showcase my artwork.

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